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From a start in wood composites, we’re poised to expand quickly into other markets

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Value proposition

To ensure we can deliver our products to our customers at a competitive cost and industrial scale, we provide:

Proven science

Our team combines a strong scientific research base with a real industrial track record to address customer needs.

Patented innovation

We have our own patented core technology platform and applications portfolio. An extensive pipeline of new patents and applications is in development, and we collaborate with world-renowned research institutions.

Industrial scale

We are an industrial, manufacturing start-up with significant operational and financial resources

End-to-end integration

We control our entire value chain, from feedstock to R&D, manufacturing to logistics, and customer support to joint development programs.

Wood composite markets

Our first plant-based products have been successfully used in full-scale wood composite panel production (OSB, MDF/HDF, Particle Board) in the United States, where they enabled the customers to cost-effectively reduce the use of resins, including those containing formaldehyde, without altering existing manufacturing processes, and while maintaining and exceeding quality and performance standards.

We provide our customers in wood panel production with dedicated line of products, available in dry form, for easy integration into existing processes.



Powder product family

  • SynerXiD-WCB® is available in different grades for making MDF, Particle Board and OSB panels. It allows conversion to formaldehyde-free resins and offers enhanced internal bond strength and moisture resistance.
  • SynerXiD-WCB® grades are also available to support the reduction of formaldehyde-based resins. It improves formaldehyde sequestration while offering the same or better internal bond strength and moisture resistance.

Evertree SynerXiD-WCB® are the ideal choice for manufacturing eco-friendly wood composite boards. Contact us to learn more.

Upcoming markets

Our core science and technology base provides the foundation to myriad industrial applications.

Our team has already designed and prototyped various product families in our science and application laboratories, and their launch will be coordinated with their industrial use. Our partners play a vital role in supporting and enhancing our market development actions.

Future products made using Evertree technologies will be suitable as binders for fiberglass and composites; adhesives; structuring agents for cosmetics; rheology modifiers and reactive components for foams and emulsions—to name just a few.



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