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It all starts with renewable, abundant co-products of agricultural production

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From Evertree’s “seed” of technology will sprout an ever-growing “tree” of products and applications.


Core technology

Using our core technology, we identify and isolate the polypeptide fractions and other key chemical components found in agricultural meal produced by crushing oilseed. We then combine, derive and functionalize them. They provide unique rheological and physio-chemical properties, and stabilize and react cross-linking molecules.

The unique physical and organic chemistries that we have identified allow us to create diverse families of technologies and reaction processes that can be used to replace or reduce the need for fossil-based chemicals in many industrial applications.

Processing with nature’s help

We use our technologies to control the physical, chemical and rheological properties of these unique protein-based dispersions. We then adapt them to a wide range of industrial applications.

Rather than following a traditional industrial framework involving multiple steps of chemical processing to design a final product, we try to mimic nature as much as possible, since it has already given the material a structure that we can use. Our underlying innovation focuses on applications that can use this natural design and therefore minimize industrial chemical processing.


We provide our customers with plant-based chemicals made from the renewable, abundant co-products of agricultural production, without impacting the world’s food or feed supply.

These chemicals are isolated from renewable and abundantly available resources. Whether used alone or in combination, their physicochemical attributes can be used to create economically and technically valuable products.

SynerXiD® product family

Evertree SynerXiD® is a family of proprietary, dry powder chemicals for industrial manufacturing. In addition to being cost-effective, our SynerXiD-WCB® product line is proven to improve the properties of wood panels while reducing or even eliminating the use of formaldehyde and other resin types. SynerXiD® is available in bulk bags as a ready-to-mix dry powder.

The first SynerXiD® product lines have been applied in wood composite panel production.

Our products portfolio offers substantial benefits

  1. Cost-effectively reduce fossil-based chemicals in industrial processes
  2. Lower VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emitted by end products
  3. Improve occupational health and hygiene in manufacturing facilities
  4. Resolve multiple process problems, reduce operational cost and improve return on capital cost
  5. Simplify logistics with easy, cost-effective, ready-to-use systems
  6. Achieve statistically significant reduction in quality assurance variability
  7. Enable manufacturers to pursue an evolutionary, hybrid new-technology implementation model
  8. Increase product quality and competitiveness by adding additives and reactants in standard formulations
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