Connecting the Wood and Oilseed/Protein Crop Sectors

At Evertree we leverage our technical expertise and understanding of both the oilseed/protein crop sector and the wood/forestry sector to protect the environment.

Locally Produced Raw Materials

As part of our sustainable development strategy, Evertree products are made with locally produced resources. The sunflowers and rapeseed we use for our plant-based resins are sourced from the Avril Group refining plants located in Bassens in the Gironde department and Le Mériot in the Aube department.

Optimizing Resources from the Refining Process

Rapeseed and sunflower oils are produced through a refining process during which the seeds are crushed and pressed to extract the oil. This produces a byproduct known as oilcakes, which we use to produce our plant-based resin.

Locally Produced Products

The wood used is sourced close to the plants where the panels are produced, thereby reducing transport-related carbon emissions. This ensures that these panels are consistent with sustainable development principles.