About us

We are revolutionizing industrial processes and materials with plant-based chemicals.

Our story

By most estimations, nearly all of the chemicals used today in industrial processes and materials come from petroleum. They are everywhere. In resins, coatings, paints, building materials, cars and cosmetics, you name it.


There is an alternative. Plant-based chemicals. But until now several technical and economic obstacles have prevented plant-based chemicals from being used at an industrial scale.

Evertree is a young company revolutionizing industrial processes and materials. Our journey started with a hunch about oilseed meal proteins and a test lab built by our two lead scientists. Their work resulted in our unique portfolio of proprietary technologies with nine patents families as of today. Since then we have continued to grow quickly. We also have a robust product and patent development pipeline, proven plant-based solutions and strong financial backing. Very soon we will have on-demand industrial capacity.

“ Our 1st plant-based chemical has already been successfully used in full-scale wood composite panel production in the United States. It significantly reduces the use of petroleum-based resins and can even remove the need for formaldehyde-based resins all together. ”

Our vision

While the energy industry has been gradually weaning itself off oil, the chemicals sector has been dragging its feet. The vast majority of organic chemicals and polymers used today are derived mainly from oil and gas feedstocks.

On paper, most fossil-based chemicals used in industrial processes can be substituted with their plant-based counterparts. In reality, the challenges are myriad.

We started Evertree with one idea in mind: help build a world where our customers have a viable alternative to fossil-based chemicals by solving all the issues related to producing cost-competitive, plant-based chemicals on an industrial scale. It’s our way of helping to build a more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and healthier future.

Our mission

We are leading a revolution in industrial solutions and materials with cost competitive, plant-based chemicals that offer the same or better performance than petroleum-based chemicals.


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