Evertree develops, produces and sells bio-based adhesive solutions as a replacement for petrol-based resins.
The goal is two-fold:
To provide users with safer products with no formaldehyde.
To minimize the impact
composite wood production has on the environment.

< 0.01 ppm

of formaldehyde (same an natural wood)


patent families

Reduction by 80 %

of carbon footprint with Green Ultimate™

Green Ultimate™

The World's First Plant-based Adhesive Solution

Green Ultimate™ is the world’s first adhesive solution to offer an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional products for the wood sector. The production process is environmentally responsible and formaldehyde free.

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The Benefits of Plant-based Adhesives

No Formaldehyde

When you choose a plant-based solution, you are creating a healthier living space. With isocyanate and formaldehyde-free Green Ultimate™, these composite wood panels produce the same level of emissions as solid wood (0.01 ppm), which is ten times lower than the EU standard (E1).


Reduced Environmental Impact

Manufacturing Green Ultimate™ produces 80% less fossil carbon than a UF (urea-formaldehyde) resin. It is made from rapeseed and sunflower seeds that are sourced locally to minimize the impact of transportation on the carbon footprint.

Sustained Technical Performance

The composite wood panels produced with Green Ultimate™ deliver technical and water-resistance properties that are on par with panels made with a UF resin.


Easy Implementation

Green Ultimate™ is easy to incorporate into production lines that currently utilize petrol-based resins. No major expenditure is required to implement it.

Green Boost™

The High-performance Plant-based Additive

Composite wood panel manufacturers must deal with a straightforward problem: reducing their reliance on polyurethane resins without sacrificing product quality or increasing production costs. The Green Boost™ plant-based solution is the answer.

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The Benefits of a High-quality Natural Additive

Lower Production Costs

Green Boost™, a plant-based additive made from rapeseed, enhances the performance of traditional adhesives. It cuts the quantity of conventional resin needed to produce high-quality panels by 20%, helping manufacturers transition seamlessly to bio-based products.

Increased Productivity

The Green Boost™ solution increases the productivity of production lines by up to 10%.


Easier Maintenance

Used alongside the continuous cleaning solution developed by Evertree, Green Boost™ makes equipment maintenance easier by reducing build-up on spray nozzles.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Green Boost™ shrinks the carbon footprint for composite wood panels by cutting down on the use of fossil-derived resins.

Sustained Technical Performance

In addition to lower production costs and a minimal environmental impact, Green Boost™ helps produce panels with optimized technical and moisture-resistance properties.


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