MDF Panels and Petrol-Based Resins

Each year, 45 million cubic meters of composite wood panels are produced in Europe. More cost-effective than solid wood, they are essential components for the construction and furnishing industries. They are produced using wood shavings and three million tons of petrol-based resins. These resins emit formaldehyde, which not only irritates the nose, skin, throat and eyes but also causes cancer. That is why a plant-based alternative was needed.

Green Ultimate: The Bio-based Solution

Previous bio-based solutions had been foiled by certain limitations: mediocre performance and moisture-resistance as well as a limited availability of raw materials.

After several years of research, Evertree succeeded in producing the first safe, high-performance plant-based resin that can be mass produced.

MDF Green by Evertree: The First Composite Wood Panel with No Aminoplast or Polyurethane Resins

With this innovative adhesive solution as a starting point, the Evertree teams turned their attention to MDF manufacturing with the goal of producing the first environmentally responsible MDF panel bonded with a plant-based resin. The adhesive solution they developed and the way it is applied made it possible to easily manufacture these next-generation MDF panels in existing panel factories.

High-Performance Plant-Based MDF Panels

MDF Green by Evertree is produced using a dry process and hot-press bonding. It delivers:

  • Unrivaled uniformity (long, homogeneous wood fibers, high density on the outer surfaces and in the interior, and a clean look)
  • High performance in all applications and with every finish (lacquer, paint, varnish, melamine, laminate, wood veneer, metal plating, etc.)

Not only do MDF Green by Evertree panels deliver on performance, they are also good for human health and the environment.

No Added Formaldehyde

When you choose a plant-based solution, you are creating a healthier living space. With isocyanate and formaldehyde-free Green Ultimate, these composite wood panels produce the same level of emissions as solid wood (0.01 ppm), which is ten times lower than the EU standard (E1).

Reduced Environmental Impact

Manufacturing Green Ultimate produces 60% less fossil carbon than a UF (urea-formaldehyde) resin. It is made from rapeseed and sunflower seeds that are sourced locally to minimize the impact of transportation on the carbon footprint.

Sustained Technical Performance

The composite wood panels produced with Green Ultimate deliver technical and water-resistance properties that are on par with panels made with a UF resin.

First Industrial Production with Our Partner Panneaux de Corrèze

We partnered with Panneaux de Corrèze to demonstrate how well our solution performs. Together we produced the first 100% made in France, environmentally responsible MDF panel bonded with a plant-based resin: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Green by Evertree.

The Evertree MDF Panel will be launched during the first quarter 2021