What if
we put a stop to
petrol-based resins?

Today, the world of adhesives is dominated by the petrochemical industry, and this has negative impacts on our health and the environment.

Taking our inspiration from the plant world, we at Evertree have learned that there are other ways to form bonds.

For over five years now, we have been leading the charge in developing high-performance adhesive solutions made from rapeseed and sunflowers.

Our resins
are better
for people and
for the planet.

And because they are made from sustainable locally sourced plants, our resins are better for people and for the planet.

Better for people because they are formaldehyde-free*, which helps improve indoor air quality. Formaldehyde is an invisible yet toxic gas and a pervasive indoor pollutant that was recognized as a carcinogen by the WHO in 2004.

Our locally produced, bio-based resins made from agricultural by products help limit the amount of CO2 emitted into the environment.

We and our partners are proud to do our part to produce more sustainable everyday materials, starting with wood panels.

the world
one panel
at a time

Evertree has helped develop the first-ever MDF wood panel that is free of formaldehyde and isocyanate, resulting in less toxic, more environmentally-friendly furniture. As Evertree CEO Nicolas Masson so passionately puts it, “We are changing the world one panel at a time.”

Evertree works tirelessly to create a world that breathes better thanks to our plant-based resins.

*Excluding natural emissions from rapeseed and sunflowers.


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