Particleboard: main component of today's furniture.

The furnishings industry has been eagerly awaiting a product like this, as particleboard is used in 63% of all furniture manufactured for the European market. Indeed, most furniture is made from processed wood panels that use 100% petrol-based resins which, in addition to adding to the carbon footprint of the finished product, also emit harmful VOCs like formaldehyde.

Evertree: The power of flowers

Taking our inspiration from the plant world, we at Evertree have learned that there are other ways to form bonds. Instead of fossil-based resources, Evertree resins were developed using a clean, readily available raw material – flowers! More specifically, sunflower and rapeseed oilcakes, which are byproducts of the vegetable oil refining process.
It’s their protein that gives this resin iso-performance properties compared to fossil-based resins. Made from locally sourced, renewable resources, it is an eco-innovative solution available in large quantities.

The challenge met by the 1st Biobased Particleboard

At Evertree, we dreamed of it and we did it: to provide a concrete solution to all manufacturers seeking to reduce the formaldehyde in their panels and reduce their carbon footprint. Thanks to our flower-based resin, this means fewer VOCs and less CO2 for a Biosourced particleboard that can be used on all production lines.

Evertree Biosourced particleboard offers health, environmental and performance benefits:

  • No chemical formaldehyde, for panels with VOC emissions 10 times lower than the European standard.
  • With a limited carbon footprint, our plant-based resin reduces CO2 emissions by 80% compared with a petrol-based resin.
  • Similar mechanical performance and water resistance comparatively to panels made with UF resin.

PANTair: a first application and a premiere in France

PANTair is making a name for itself in the furniture industry as the first 100% made-in-France.

Produced in partnership with Seripanneaux, specialists in the manufacture of high-quality particleboard using wood from Landes forests, PANTair meets all our requirements:

  • wood from sustainably managed forests in the Landes department sourced from first-stage processing (byproducts from sawmills and thinning cuts)
  • a plant-based resin made made from locally sourced renewable resources
  • an A+ indoor air quality rating
  • a carbon footprint that is 30% smaller than the industry standard.

Combined with the MDF panel Evertree developed two years ago using these same bio-based resins, this innovation will revolutionize our kitchens, bathrooms, closets and children’s rooms and enable the furnishings industry in France and around the world to accelerate and expand its transition to greater environmental sustainability.

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