Innovation is a long process that requires both expertise and ideals. This is borne out by Evertree’s story: to make our ambitious plans a reality, we needed time, talent and new vision for the world.

Nicolas Masson, CEO citation citation


A revolutionary idea: finding a plant-based alternative to fossil-based resins

In a garage outside of Philadelphia in 2010, two American researchers had the idea to test the properties of oilcakes to develop a plant-based adhesive that could replace petrol-based resins. The first seeds of the project were planted.


Investors, a start-up and initial results

It took five years of work for the first sprouts to appear. The prototype for a bio-based additive was developed. This solution reduced fossil resins used in wood panels by 20%. It was time to take the revolution to an industrial scale.


The industrialization phase begins with the creation of Evertree

The project required a graft to reach its goal. The Avril Group, the French market leader in the vegetable oil and protein industry, joined forces with Bpifrance to create Evertree. The dynamic young team set itself the task of providing the composite wood industry with the means to transition to plant-based solutions. With a solid foundation in place, Evertree now had everything it needed to realize its ambition and deliver on its commitments.


Green Ultimate becomes the world’s first plant-based adhesive solution

Two innovative solutions for the composite wood industry are debuted: Green Ultimate, the world’s first formaldehyde- and isocyanate-free plant-based adhesive solution, and Green Boost, a bio-based additive that reduces the amount of traditional resins used in composite wood panels. Evertree had succeeded in its aims: to offer industrial bio-based adhesive solutions without sacrificing performance.


An initial collaboration and a step towards the future

The world’s first ever bio-based composite wood panel was produced in partnership with Panneaux de Corrèze. This collaboration proves that it is possible to design high-performance products that are also safe and environmentally responsible. An approach, a process and an application that will shape a new industry.


The Evertree dream becomes a part of daily life in France

In collaboration with sustainable brands like Camif, Cédéo and Gomille, the bio-based composite wood panel is now part of children’s beds, bathroom furniture and eco-designed wooden toys. These initial successes are sure to lead to many more.

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