Our results

The digital industry will be the number one electricity consumer in the world by 2030.
At Evertree, we are committed to minimize the impact of our productions, including our digital services.

Using digital eco-design, we have aimed to limit the environmental impact of our website by optimizing the required energy needed.

Results from Green-IT Analysis
2.4 cl
average amount of water
our pages consume
1.6 g
average CO2 emissions
from our pages

The various actions we have put in place

Visual optimization

  • We applied a filter to darken the visuals and reduce their power consumption when displayed.
  • The visuals have been compressed while maintaining optimal rendering quality.
  • We used the .svg format for all pictograms, up to 30 times lighter than a .png file.


Optimization of page depth

  • The content was designed for the web to reduce scrolling.

Fewer requests

  • We reduced the number of requests by collecting as many stylesheets and script files as possible.
  • The number of CSS files has been limited to 6.
  • We have selected 2 fonts: 1 system font and 1 Google Font.
  • No animation has been developed.
  • We chose not to upload any videos.
  • We designed and added pictograms only when they served the content.

Accessibility to facilitate access to content for people with disabilities

  • The size of the texts is adapted for most screens.
  • The structure has been designed to identify and read easily the different types of content.


This website has been designed to reduce impact on the environment.