Our Promise:
The Green by Evertree Project

The Green by Evertree Project represents a first in the composite wood industry – guaranteeing safe and environmentally responsible sourcing, production and distribution methods for our interiors.

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We have a
collective responsibility
to make the world
a better place.

To create a healthier world,

where the quality of the air that we breathe is preserved through a more sustainable way of living.

where the environment is protected, and a neutral carbon footprint becomes the norm.
where petrol-based materials are replaced with bio-based alternatives to cut the formaldehyde emissions that harm human health and CO2 emissions that damage the environment.

We want to create a world we can be proud to pass on
to future generations.

To make that world a reality, Evertree is developing plant-based, locally sourced and formaldehyde-free adhesive solutions for the composite wood panel sector.

The time has come to provide consumers with panels that are as natural and pure as the wood from which they are made. It is now essential that furniture, flooring and toys no longer degrade the quality of the air we breathe indoors, or damage our health, or damage our environment.

This is why Evertree launched the
le Green by Evertree

Together we will mobilize our ecosystem.

Together we will develop eco-designed, sustainable, formaldehyde-free solutions that do not compromise performance, design or functionality.

Together we will co-create products that consumers can enjoy without fear for their health or the environment.

We have a collective responsibility to make the world a better place.

And Evertree takes pride in that responsibility.

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Our Partners are Committed to the Green by Evertree Project

The First
Application and
the First in
the World

MDF Green by Evertree is the world’s first fully bio-based composite wood panel. This high-performance product, made entirely in France, is the first application of the Green by Evertree Project.

It was produced with Panneaux de Corrèze, a company that followed all our specifications to the letter:

  • wood supplied through environmentally responsible sourcing
  • plant-based resin sourced from French agriculture
  • a high-temperature gluing process with no added formaldehyde
  • formaldehyde emissions that are 10 times lower than the EU standard

The unique properties of MDF Green by Evertree make it the first wood-fiber panel suitable for specific indoor environments: daycares, schools, healthcare facilities and laboratories.

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