It took only 9 months for PANTair, the first 100% French bio-sourced particleboard, release in Spring 2023. A feat of agility in the heavy wood panel industry.


PANTair is an eco-innovative solution born of the alliance between Evertree, a pioneer in the design of plant resins from flowers, and Seripanneaux was completely natural. The panel manufacturer, located in the South-West of France, uses wood from sustainably managed forests in the Landes region of France for the production of its high-quality panels.

As Maxime Legendre, Evertree’s Sales Director, says: “We’re in an industry that’s been using petrochemical resins for 70 years! So we need to work with people who share our vision, and who give priority to health and the environment”.


Thus was born the PANTair panel, 98% biobased, which respects the quality of our indoor air since it contains no chemical formaldehyde or isocyanate. The result is an A+ rating. But it’s also more respectful of our environment, with a carbon footprint 30% smaller than that of equivalent panels on the market.

Everything changes, but nothing changes: “PANTair is a panel identical in every way in quality and performance to those using petrochemical resins”, according to Manuel Pasquerault, Séripanneaux’s Sales Director, who adds in the same breath, “Our objective? In the very near future, to stop using UF resins altogether.”


With this innovation, the two companies intend to accelerate the sustainable transition of the furniture industry. “We’ve got the resin, we’ve got the panels, now we need to get the other players in the furniture sector on board, to enable it to do its necessary part in the ecological transition,” according to Nicolas Masson, Evertree’s Managing Director.


A whole new generation of sustainable furniture will be possible thanks to this new type of particleboard. Furniture manufacturers, interior designers, interior fitters… get your furniture moving!

Panneau PantAir

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