Team Up to Create the First 100% Environmentally Friendly Bed for Children

In May 2022, CAMIF designed its new “Sérénité” bed for children using the NEXT® panel produced by Evertree in France in partnership with Panneaux de Corrèze, resulting in the first bed for children made from bio-based MDF.

Camif’s adaptable Sérénité bed has become the leading eco-friendly option in bedroom furniture. The wood sourced from local forests makes it environmentally friendly and the plant-based adhesive solution helps protect children’s health, reducing formaldehyde emissions to the levels produced by solid wood – ten times lower than the current European thresholds.

United in their commitment to environmental issues and to keeping people healthy, Evertree and Camif are working together to provide a bio-based alternative to “traditional” wooden beds. This sustainable bed is also built to last – it can be used by children from age three to adolescence.

“This children’s bed from Camif is the first tangible result of what we set out to do with our partner Panneaux de Corrèze,” Nicolas Masson explains. “We are pleased that this specialist in furniture and home decor was able to use the NEXT® panel to innovate and meet the needs of consumers who are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues. Not to mention helping to protect their children’s health!”

Evertree and Camif have taken a first step in creating a community committed to developing a responsible furniture industry, to preserve the planet and our health. What could be better than starting with the rooms of our children?


Create the First Fully Eco-designed Collection of Bathroom Furniture

In June 2022, Cédéo launched the Daily collection of eco-designed bathroom furniture featuring bio-based NEXT® MDF panels made with Evertree resin.

The two companies saw eye-to-eye when it came to designing a range of furniture that would cut carbon emissions by a minimum of 10%.

They far surpassed that goal, managing to reduce emissions by 20% while also improving indoor air quality.

A striking example of eco-design that protects people’s health and the planet without sacrificing performance.


Deliver a Unique Range of Wooden Shapes Made with Natural Wood and Plant Resin with No Added Formaldehyde

Gomille, a company that makes wooden shapes for DIY decorating projects, is selling a one-of-a-kind, natural and 100% made-in-France product line produced in partnership with Evertree and Panneaux de Corrèze.

They are the only brand to offer natural wooden shapes made with 98% bio-based plant resins with no added formaldehyde that emit 60% less CO2 during their lifecycle.

100% French, the wooden shapes are manufactured in a French factory using locally sourced wood from sustainably managed forests in the Correze region.

With this unique positioning that prioritizes nature, local sourcing, and respect for the environment, biodiversity and human health, Gomille, Panneaux de Corrèze and Evertree are changing the game.

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