Joining Evertree is about making life better. We are a team of pioneers determined to challenge traditional chemistry in order to find environmentally friendly, safe and viable alternatives. We raise the bar every single day.

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Paul-Joël<br />

After obtaining a degree in physical chemistry and a PhD in physics, Paul-Joël began his career at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), a key player in research, development and innovation. He has worked for major international groups, including Rhodia and Suez, putting his marketing skills to use in various strategic commercial positions.


Paul-Joël brings his extensive experience and comprehensive vision, ranging from innovation to marketing, to his role as Chairman of Evertree since 2017.


Chief Executive Officer
Nicolas<br />

After receiving his engineering degree from Ecole Centrale Supélec, Nicolas began his professional career in finance, gaining expertise in the agribusiness and retail sectors.


This former consultant found however that he prefers doing to consulting, especially when presented with an innovative project that holds great promise for the future. The Avril Group put Nicolas in charge of Evertree, where he manages the corporate strategy and leads a team of talented people to bring this ambitious project to life.

Le Fur

Chief Technology Officer
and Head of Business Development
Xavier<br />
Le Fur

An engineer specializing in wood-related technology and adhesive chemistry, with a PhD from Göttingen in Germany and an MBA from IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School, Xavier went on to work as a technical and business director in the fields of applied research and innovation.


He joined Evertree to defy convention and achieve his dream: selling materials that are better for human health and the environment. Currently, Xavier leads a team of talented innovators and ensures that Evertree’s value proposition matches the needs of the company’s clients.


Sales & Marketing Director
Maxime <br />

After graduating with a master’s degree from Montpellier Business School, Maxime started his career in the agribusiness industry before joining the Avril Group – initially in Romania working in export development and later in France leading a business unit specializing in the circular economy.


Driven by a passion for environmental issues, he got on board with the project right away, devoting himself to convincing an entire industry to switch to Evertree solutions. He leverages the sales and marketing aspects of his position to help develop the business model.

Mangeon Pastori

Research and Development Director
Carine<br />
Mangeon Pastori

An academic specializing in polymer chemistry and the recipient of a grant, issued by the company Avril, to fund her doctoral research on using oils to produce bioplastics, Carine’s training and career fit Evertree’s DNA to a T.


This scientist with a passion for research started her career at the group as an R&D Project Manager. She joined Evertree with one goal in mind: to develop adhesives of the future that are better for human health and the environment. She now leads a team of seven engineers, technicians and interns, ensuring that their innovations are consistent with green chemistry guidelines.


Technical and Industrialization Director
Fabrice<br />

Fabrice earned a PhD in physics and started his career in the field of petrol-based adhesives, working on industrializing and commercializing innovative projects.


Upon joining Evertree, he developed Green Boost, the first plant-based additive capable of boosting the performance of traditional adhesives. He is currently involved at every stage of the production cycle. In addition to his work establishing Evertree’s supply chain and industrial facilities, he also works with the technical team, helping to ensure that tests at client sites go smoothly.


General Manager
North America
Joe<br />

Joe earned an MBA in chemical management with a petrochemical concentration and soon developed an interest in green and renewable products and technologies.


At Evertree he has been able to envision an unconventional future and deliver powerful, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to the highly conservative American wood industry. Today, Joe is head of North American operations for Evertree.

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