Two Investors with

Since our founding, Evertree has relied on the support of two organizations to make our plant-based solutions a reality: the Avril Group, the French market leader in the vegetable oil and protein industry, and Bpifrance, a public funding organization for strategic companies.

Avril, a Major Player in the Agribusiness and Oleochemistry Sectors

The Avril Group is the industry leader in France’s plant-derived oils and proteins sector. As the majority shareholder of Evertree and a company committed to improving nutrition for people while preserving the planet, Avril lends its industrial and supply chain expertise.

Bpifrance, A Public Bank Serving the Future

Bpifrance’s role is to stimulate France’s economy and make it more competitive by investing in strategic projects. Bpifrance supports commitment-driven companies that have a positive impact on society and the environment. Support from this bank helps us at Evertree bring our innovative solutions to life.

and Industrial Partners

IMPROVE, Scientific Expertise in Plant-derived Proteins

The institute for plant-derived proteins (Institut Mutualisé pour les PROtéines VÉgétales – IMPROVE) is the leading platform for making the best use of these natural resources. Based in France, it provides scientific expertise to companies in the sector to help them develop their solutions throughout the EU.

PIVERT, Delivering Innovative Solutions

SAS PIVERT, a French company, helps other businesses develop their innovation processes for plant-based chemistry. To do so, they use technology transfers and their own expertise in industrializing research-derived solutions.

Panneaux de Corrèze, Producing 100% Made-in-France Panels

A producer of 100% made-in-France composite wood panels, Panneaux de Corrèze has adopted an environmentally responsible sourcing policy for raw materials. Evertree partnered with them to create MDF Green by Evertree, the world’s first bio-based composite wood panel.

FCBA, Technological Hub for the Wood Industry

The Forest Cellulose Wood Construction Furnishings technological institute (Forêt Cellulose Bois-Construction Ameublement – FCBA) works to promote technological advances for products from the wood industry. They support industry players at every developmental stage, from research to certification.

CPA, the Voice of the Composite Wood Sector in America

The Composite Panel Association represents the players in the North American composite wood industry. The association works with American and Canadian regulators advocating on the sector’s behalf.

ADEME, The French Agency for Ecological Transition

The French Agency for Ecological Transition participates in the implementation of public policies in the areas of environment, energy and sustainable development. It makes its expertise and advises available to businesses, public authorities and the general public, in order to enable them to progress in their environmental approach.

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