Improving Indoor Air Quality with A Plant-Based Resin

A study commissioned by Evertree, specialists in plant based resins, shows that indoor air quality is a major concern for end consumers, highlighting the necessity for their VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free solutions.

15.10.2022 - MAISON CREATIVE

Breathe Healthier Air For a Better Working Environment

After the telecommuting boom during confinement, the office is now at the heart of our homes. How can we create a workspace that is fully adapted to our lifestyle? What are our tips for keeping the air healthy? When buying your furniture, choose a plant-based resin, without formaldehyde or isocyanate, has a low carbon footprint and is made in France, like the one offered by Evertree, a young innovative French company. Since 2016, Evertree has been advocating for better indoor air quality by developing sustainable materials that are healthier for people and the planet.

28.06.2022 - USINE NOUVELLE

Evertree Among the Winners at the 2022 Sustainable Industry Awards Organized by Usine Nouvelle Magazine.

Usine Nouvelle magazine awarded Evertree the Eco-design Award for their eco-sourced adhesive used to make pressed wood for furniture. The third annual Sustainable Industry Awards organized by Usine Nouvelle recognized meaningful initiatives that address the looming climate crisis and the need to conserve resources. A significant portion of the spectrum of environmental issues was covered, including leasing electric vehicles, environmentally responsible production centers and CSR policies that raise awareness with students about industrial careers.

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30.05.2022 - USINE NOUVELLE

Adhesives: Camif Employs Evertree’s Bio-based Adhesive.

Camif – a leading French home furnishings company – has launched a new wooden bed for children made with Next MDF wood panels manufactured in France by Panneaux de Corrèze in collaboration with Evertree. The world’s first bio-based, formaldehyde-free and 100% made-in-France composite MDF panel is produced entirely from plant-derived raw materials. The wood used is sourced from French forests and bonded using Evertree’s adhesive solution, which is derived from French agriculture and processed in Avril Group factories in France.

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Evertree’s Plant-based Resin Awarded Solar Impulse Label.

The “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label
Believing that it is possible to address environmental issues while enabling economic growth, Bertrand Piccard launched a challenge through his Solar Impulse Foundation to find 1,000 profitable solutions that could also protect the environment. 
This label is a top choice for businesses that strive to make a difference, as it combines environmental protection with economic viability. Our solutions were scrutinized by a group of independent experts and assessed based on five criteria covering the three main themes of feasibility, environmental protection and profitability.

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Next: The First 98% Bio-based MDF Panel.

On July 1 the first-ever 98% bio-based MDF panel was unveiled at the Panneaux de Corrèze factory in Ussel, France. This innovative product known as Next was produced using a short supply chain in collaboration with Evertree, a company that has developed a formaldehyde-free adhesive.

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